Monday, January 10, 2011

Billie's Favorite Things - Update on Clip It Up

I thought I'd give an update on one of my favorite things - my Clip It Up by Simply Renee.  Since my original post, I have continued my organizing and I've added a lot more Clip It Ups.  These things are so HABIT FORMING, you can't have just one!  I have now added a mini, two more base units with upper tiers (one with an upper tier extension), a floor stand, and a ribbon holder.  I have been trying over the last couple of years to really get my sewing/quilting space organized, and with the Clip It Ups, I can really say I think I'm there.  I am so happy with how these worked out for my space and organization.  I can't give them enough praise!

Below are some pictures of my additional units and what I've used them for.

This is a base unit and upper tier that I am using for my purse/tote/bag/wallet patterns on the bottom and my purse hardware/supplies on the upper tier.

Floor Model with an extra tier.  These are larger sewing notions/patterns that are too big or bulky for the regular base unit.

Mini with miscellaneous sewing notions.  This one is located in between my cutting table and ironing workstation.

Base unit with upper tier and extension.  This one I am using for sewing patterns.

Ribbon organizer. 
I have this on the wall over my ironing station.

Most everything pictured on these was in drawers or stuffed in plastic containers.  They are now out and handy and I can find what I am looking for in an instant.  I'm in heaven!  It is amazing how much more creative you feel when you've got an organized space to work in.  Now if I could just translate that to the rest of my life!

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