Friday, July 3, 2009

My New Toy - Bernina 830

I'm finally have some free time and am going to spend the next couple of days working on some sewing projects on my new machine (Billie's BB), the Bernina 830. I took delivery of it the first of June, and really haven't had time to do anything more than just do some test sewing and figuring out what all the different buttons do, so now I'm on to doing some project specific work.

I am going to make covers for both the machine and the embroidery module, so I got busy and did an embroidery design which I will add into the covers as I'm working on them. I love the embroidery functions of the machine. These turned out great. I've got to work on the Absolute Embroidery Check feature of the machine. The fabric with the band was not hooped straight, so I was able to compensate for that by checking and moving the design positioning to get it where it needed to go, but I went a little too far on the slant on one end. All in all, a good learning experience for me. I have my machine mastery class on the embroidery part next Saturday, so I'll get better at this (at least I hope). The quality of the lettering is beautiful - the B's are 2.5 inches in height.


  1. Isn't it a killer machine? I am so overjoyed with mine, I thought my 630 was my dream machine but this one is the cake AND the frosting!

  2. Hi,
    I too have a 830. I received it for Christmas last year but due to work have had very little time to play with it. Now that I am not working I plan many quality hours while the boys are at school playing with my baby. Good thing it has an alarm on it so I don't forget to pick up the kids from school. There is nothing like a rainy afternoon to make you want to quilt a cozy quilt. Here in Texas the cold weather does not last long so you have to take advantage while you can. Hope you have been able to get in some quality time yourself with your new machine. Unlike you this is may first Bernina but I think i made a wise choice.

  3. You will absolutely love it the more you get to use it. I know every time I work on mine, which is not often enough, I fall in love with it more. It just totally amazes me! -- BillieSews