Saturday, March 14, 2009

Newest Find: Matilda's Own Revolving Rotary Cutting Mat

A few weeks ago while visiting a local quilt shop, I came across a new tool. It is a revolving rotary cutting mat made by Matilda's Own (an Australian company). I've purchased and used a lot of rotating cutting mats, but always had problems with them. What I really liked about this one was that it was large, measuring 15" across, so could accommodate large blocks.

When I got it home and used it, I fell in love with it. It stays wherever I put it, and it rotates like a dream. It is now a fixture next to my sewing machine when I am working on piecing blocks. It was fairly expensive (retails for around $50), but well worth it. I noticed that Nancy's Notions is now carrying them, and has them on sale. This mat is great for working with plastic templates and paper cutting guides!


  1. I also love my revolving mat and it sits by my machine. I especially like when doing paper piecing and have to trim with each piece.
    Nancy in IN

  2. thanks for the tip. i was looking them up today, when i discovered this round one. i have never used any spinning mat at all, but wanted one for christmas.. didn't know if i should try round or square. now i know. thanks a lot!